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History of Senefeve

Bess Cutter's evolution as a healer, light worker, dowser and teacher started as a pre-teen with a self -healing event. From there it seemed to be a progressively complex and natural journey into the realm of education, more healing events, research, organizing groups of study, and then initiating and expanding on healing concepts and modalities. All of this resulted in step by step curriculum for teaching the "hands on" methods of healing primarily by learning to recognize the limits to growth and change.

In 1956 Bess married a professional Water Well Driller, and then began a twenty year career of not only managing all aspects of a busy Water Well Drilling Company, but also fifteen of that twenty Bess dowsed for all the wells drilled by the Company. Plus. she even taught dowsing in an elementary school. ( with her son Chris "Piglet" Cutter) Then later to adults as requested.

Beginning in the late seventies Bess began her studies, research in metaphysics, which led her, then, to mastering and developing the more complex healing modalities she teaches today. These specific accomplishments and activities are listed below in chronological order.

Formed and facilitated metaphysical groups and workshops.

Instructed Theosophysical lectures and workshops.

Five year apprentice in Crystal Subtle Energy Research and Techniques.

Researched, developed, and taught classes in her Life Force Unto Light Force Energy Techniques of Quartz Crystal Energy Grids. (Subtle Energy Bodies).

Seven year apprenticeship in Quantum Geometrics (copyright).

Researching and Programming Geometric shapes and designs.

Is continuous for the specific dimensional functions to facilitate life changes. Included is the continuous study in Quantum Physics and Sacred Geometry.

Founded Senefeve Inc: A consultation and teaching service for individual spiritual changes by learning and recognizing the limits (negativity) to growth and change.

Levels I and II of Dr.Upledger CranioSacral Therapy Course.

Developed/Founded Senefeve Web Site (

A near future addition to the Web Site is the Home Study Courses and Continuous Education Units.

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